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There are many fun and frugal things to do in the summer season. Here are fourteen different frugal summer activities for you to try!

Summer is a fun and lively season, with great weather for outdoor activities! During this time, many of us take time off work or have summer breaks from school or university. There are so many fun activities to be doing at this time of year but a lot of things can be quite costly. Don’t worry though, in this article I have listed fourteen different free or frugal activities for you to try.

1. Walk in nature

This is at the very top of my list because it is free! Walking is great because it gives your body some exercise and your mind some time to rest. Do you live by the sea? By the woods? If you live in a large city, is there a park nearby? Find a place where you enjoy walking and take advantage of the warm summer weather.

2. Picnic

Picnics are so much fun and something that I remember from my childhood yet we rarely have them anymore! Lunchtime becomes much more enjoyable when you bring it outside in the nice weather. Picnics are super frugal too! You don’t need to get fancy with the food you bring. Just put your normal lunch in a lunchbox and pack it with an old blanket to sit down on.

3. Organise a room in your house

Okay, this one might not sound as fun as the last two points but it is a useful thing to do over summer. Whether you’re a student in your summer break or a parent with kids off school, most of us will have some time off during the summer season. This time is great for reclaiming control over your space and getting rid of any clutter that has built up in the last few months. Try to get your family involved too for a fun family activity!

4. Have a board games night

Board games are another thing that we don’t really play that often anymore yet there are so many fun board games out there for adults. Look through your old board games or ask your friends if they’ve got any. You’re bound to find something you like. A board games night with friends is such a fun summer activity and a great way to spend more time with your loved ones.

5. Make your own ice-cream

Sure there’s lots of ice-cream out there to buy but there’s much more joy and pride in making your own. Making your own is also usually far cheaper than buying ice-cream from the store. Another advantage is that you know exactly what’s going in to your ice-cream and it’s really easy to adapt recipes to your own dietary needs or favourite flavours!

6. Review your finances

Here’s another thing which probably doesn’t sound very fun but that you should definitely try to get done while you’ve got some spare time. If you’ve been letting your financial situation get on top of you over the last few months, take a few hours and focus on your money and spending habits. You can use a journal, a digital notebook or free printables, but spend some time writing down your financial goals, reviewing your fixed costs every month (maybe there’s a subscription that you don’t need), and create a budget for the next month. Writing down your goals will really help you get back on track and motivate you to live more frugally.

7. BBQ with neighbours

Barbecues are a symbol of summer and they’re also delicious and lively! Why not take advantage of the nice weather and get closer with your neighbours by inviting them to a joint barbecue. To keep the cost down, ask everyone to contribute by bringing their own food and drinks. Alternatively, they are just as fun with close family or friends and are a great social event. Don’t worry if you don’t have a big barbecue, there are plenty of cheap portable options or disposable grills.

8. Make summer cocktails

Pinterest is full of instagram-worthy summer cocktail and mocktail recipes! Cocktails are wonderfully refreshing in the summer heat and a lot of fun to make. Try some of them out with your friends and take some colourful pictures to share on social media. This is also an opportunity to work on your photography skills!

9. Try a new fitness routine

Was one of your new year’s resolutions this year to exercise more? Well summer is the perfect time to experiment with different types of exercise, whether it’s running, cycling, swimming, yoga or pilates. There’s loads of workout videos on youtube for you to try out, perfect for the beach season. The best bit is that these videos are free so you don’t need an expensive gym membership. If you prefer to work out without a video, take a look at some Pinterest infographics or exercise articles for tips.

10. Try new summer smoothies

Smoothies are absolutely delicious all year round but they’re so refreshing in the summer! Just pick your favourite fruit and veg, add some water or your liquid of choice and mix it all in a blender. It’s so easy and tasty! If you need inspiration check out my post of five summer smoothie recipes or search on Pinterest for tons of smoothie ideas.

5 Smoothie Recipes You Must Try This Summer


Check out this post of 5 different colourful smoothie recipes!

11. Have a DIY spa night

We all love to treat ourselves with some self-care but going to a spa or buying expensive products isn’t always within our budget. However, a more frugal option is to diy our own spa products. On Pinterest there are loads of ideas and recipes for homemade scrubs, face masks, bath bombs and so much more, all made with inexpensive ingredients! With these recipes you can have a luxury spa experience without breaking the bank.

12. Pick up an old/new hobby

Photo by Jadson Thomas from Pexels

Have you got a bit of extra spare time now that it’s summer? Well this is the perfect time to learn a new skill or to pick up that hobby that you always used to love. Whether it’s knitting, learning a new language or playing a sport, there are lots of free or frugal options out there for learning new skills.

13. Start a bullet journal

Have you ever wanted to start a bullet journal but never had time to set one up? Summer is the perfect time to plan your journal and set it up exactly how you’d like. You don’t need to get any fancy equipment, just an empty notebook and a pen. If you feel stuck, look for bullet journal ideas on pinterest. There’s loads of beautiful ideas out there!

14. Go swimming

Do you live close to the sea or a lake? In that case you’re in luck, you can go swimming in the summer for FREE! If you don’t then don’t worry, most swimming pools will have certain off-peak times during the summer too when prices are lower so taking a family trip to your local swimming pool won’t be too pricey. This is a super fun activity to do with your family or a relaxing, peaceful thing to do on your own.

That’s it! 14 frugal activities that you can try this summer. What do you like to do during the summer? Which is your favourite season and why? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading! xxx

Frugal Summer Activities (for adults!) | There are many fun and frugal activities that you can do in the summer. This post compiles 14 different frugal summer activities for adults to try! #frugal #frugalliving #summer #savemoney

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