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Do you go into every week feeling unprepared and like you’ve got too much to get done? Many of us feel overwhelmed by the amount of work we have to get done every week. That’s why I have compiled this list of things that you should consider including in your Sunday routine to prepare you for the week ahead. Of course, you don’t have to include all of these things into your Sunday routine. Just choose the things that you think will be useful for you and your family.

Choose your main focus for the week

In order to help you reach your long term goals you should choose one aspect of your life or work to focus on each week. This will make you more motivated because every week you’re working towards a different short-term goal.

As a blogger, every week I choose a different aspect of my blog that I want to improve on. This could be to create more high-quality content, to update and create new pins for existing blog posts, or to focus on growing a particular social media account.

Within your work, you also want to focus on a new goal each week. This will drive you towards your goals and keep you motivated because each week brings a different main focus.

Additionally, this task isn’t just limited to work. You could also choose a main focus for your home life or as a form of self-improvement. You could focus on decluttering a room in your house, waking up earlier, or cooking from scratch more often. A week isn’t really enough time to form habits that’ll stick in the long run but you should feel like you have accomplished something by the end of the week (check out my blog post on how to create life-long habits).

This doesn’t mean that you drop everything else and only focus on this one thing. It just means that you always keep this focus in mind when you’re working. This way you are constantly working towards your goals.

Write a to-do list

One of the most important steps of your Sunday routine is to write a to-do list for the week. In your to-do list you want to write down clear tasks to do during the week. The more specific the better. This includes things around the house like doing laundry and taking out the bins.

You should also keep a separate list for work, outlining specific tasks that you need to accomplish. By planning your to-dos on Sundays before the week starts, you’re able to go into work and know what your tasks and goals are right away.

Some points on your to-do list should be influenced by the main focus that you chose in the previous step. For example, if my main focus was to grow my Pinterest account, some individual tasks would be to apply for more group boards & tribes, to create new pins for my existing blog posts, and to share other high-quality posts and pins.

Schedule tasks for specific days + times

Once you’ve written out your to-do list it’s really important that you schedule tasks for specific days. I find that if you just write a to-do list without delegating specific times for completing those tasks then it’s really easy to push them all back until Sunday, which you want to avoid doing! Therefore, you should always spend some time in your Sunday routine to assign your tasks to different days so you know on the day exactly what you have to accomplish.

I personally like to not only choose which days to do tasks on but also the exact time, by putting it in my calendar along with all of my fixed events like uni. Therefore I can just look at my calendar throughout the week and know exactly what I should be doing at all times.

If you don’t want to put these to-dos in your main calendar you can also make a separate to-do list for each day and just write the tasks there for each individual day.

Plan your outfits

Another way to be more productive in the mornings and to save time is to plan your outfits for the entire week on Sundays. If you spend a lot of time every morning figuring out what to wear, this could really save you a lot of time in your morning routine and free up time for things like eating breakfast or exercise.

There are different ways to do this but my favourite way is to use a wardrobe app. These are apps where you take pictures of all of your clothes (or upload pictures from retail websites) so that you can see your entire wardrobe in one app. The initial process of uploading all of your clothes to your digital closet will take a while but after that you can use these apps to create outfits and schedule them for different days. The app I use isĀ Stylebook but there are plenty of free options available too.

Not everyone likes to plan their outfits ahead of time because on the day they might feel like something different or it actually doesn’t take them that long to choose an outfit. If this is you then you can totally skip this step! However if you do struggle to choose an outfit then doing this as part of your Sunday routine will save you time in the morning.

Meal prep / ingredient prep

Do you spend a lot of money on fast-food and takeaways because you don’t have time to cook throughout the week? Buying takeaways or ready-meals is a lot more expensive than cooking from scratch and it’s often a lot less healthy than something you would make yourself. If you relate to this then you want to consider making meal prepping or ingredient prepping part of your Sunday routine.

Firstly, I should explain the difference between the two. Meal prepping is when you prepare entire meals for a few days that can easily be heated and eaten right away. Ingredient prepping is where you prepare ingredients so that they are more quick and easy to use in cooking throughout the week. Both methods are very good for saving time but they both have their pros and cons.

Meal prepping is very common and is a great way to have healthy, cheap meals throughout the week without having to spend any time cooking in the week. There are tons of videos on YouTube about meal prepping with ideas and tips. Meal prepping is great for if you have almost no time throughout the week to cook and you just need easy meals that you can grab without any extra work.

Pros: You don’t have to spend time cooking throughout the week.

Cons: Boring meals (all the same), don’t get to cook on the day (if you enjoy cooking).

Ingredient prepping is less common but it’s my preferred method of preparing food for the week. I hadn’t heard about this method before I saw Sadia’s video from Pick Up Limes about meal prepping where she prepares ingredients to use throughout the week, thereby cutting down on the cooking time during the week. This includes things like cutting up vegetables so that they’re quicker to incorporate into your meals or cooking things like lentils, beans, and rice that would otherwise be very time-consuming. I love this method because I love cooking and this allows me to still cook throughout the week and make delicious meals on the day but without spending as much time.

Pros: It reduces cooking time, you can make different meals every day.

Cons: You still have to spend time cooking every day.


If you’ve ever been on Pinterest you will most definitely have heard about the benefits of taking time out in your week to practice self-care. Self-care is doing something that is just for you. It’s something that you enjoy doing and that makes you feel good.

People have many different ways of practicing self-care. For some people it’s having a spa-treatment, for others it’s sitting down and reading a book. The whole point of self-care is that you do something thatĀ you love! So pick something that brings you joy, whether it’s going for a walk in nature or having a relaxing bath and include it in your Sunday routine.

The benefits of self-care is that you feel much happier and more relaxed which is good for going into the new week with a more positive attitude.

Tidy your space

One of the best ways to prepare for a great start to the new week is to tidy up your space so that you wake up on Monday to a clean house or flat. I think we all find it really discouraging to wake up on Monday morning to a messy room with clutter everywhere and dishes in the sink that need to be washed.

This really isn’t a good way to start your week and it can easily be avoided by taking a few moments on Sunday to tidy your things away and clean the kitchen so that you can wake up on Monday feeling more motivated and productive.

There you have it! This is my ideal Sunday routine to prepare for a really productive week. What are the most important things that you do on Sundays? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading! xxx

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